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Screencasts for beginner and intermediate software developers.


Verify Heroku CLI Setup

Screencast #13

Friday May 25, 2018

In this screencast, we're going to verify that our Heroku CLI installation is set up correctly, it is a continuation of screencast #12. You might need to watch screencast #12 before going through this tutorial. There are...Continue

Adding the Pages Controller

Screencast #12

Thursday May 24, 2018

In this screencast, we're going to install the [Heroku Command Line Interface]( so that we can deploy our application to the world wide web. You will need to [sign up](htt...Continue

Introduction to Ruby on Rails

Screencast #11

Wednesday May 23, 2018

Ruby on Rails, commonly known as Rails is a framework used for developing web applications. It was created by David Heinemeier Hansson (DHH) from a project management tool that he was working on at Basecamp in 2004. To i...Continue

Version Control

Screencast #10

Tuesday May 22, 2018

Version control is a way of recording changes we make to the files and folders in our projects. Examples of these projects may be software or web application projects etc. Version control enables us to save older version...Continue

Developer Notes & VimWiki

Screencast #9

Monday May 21, 2018

- There is a lot to remember when it comes to being a developer. You have to remember how to write of your methods, functions, how to set up your database, how to deploy your application, how to connect to API's and the li...Continue